Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Lately you might have found yourself thinking: Where can I get a really good espresso and gelato, not Italian, but Argentine?
I have the answer for you!
Located in upper Georgetown (the quaint part, far enough anyway from the crude mallish bustle of lower Georgetown), Dolcezza offers what I have deemed to be the best coffee in D.C. Not just any coffee, but the kind that you can get in parts of the world that know how to make good coffee, such as Italy or Argentina. The latte is a strong espresso topped with a delicate filigreed swirl of whole milk, served properly in a ceramic cup with a dainty silver spoon on the side--a far cry from the oversized, doubled-up paper cup to go that you get at Starbucks.
True to its name, this joint also offers up a billion flavors of gelato, the velvety dark chocolate being my favorite.
As long as you're in the neighborhood, why not get your film expertly developed at Chrome, check out the pretty clothes at Pink November, and get your hair cut by supercrazy stylist to D.C.'s latin elite, Manuel (who recently moved a few blocks and converted his 80s deco salon into a Zen sanctuary)?
Enjoy your day of Georgetonian luxury!

Update since I started writing this: Sadly, according to Dolcezza's blog their espresso machine is currently out of service. You can tell by reading their blog how much these people care about coffee. Let's hope they get it up and running again soon!


Cath said...

Dolcezza is so delicious! I love the fruity melon gelati and I always eye the caramel filled churros. Must indulge one day with your coffee recommendation.

dolcezza said...

The Counter Culture tech is in my shop as i type installing our new La Marzocco GB5 espresso machine. So, as of today, Friday, October 12, we will be rocking the best espresso and finest frothed milk since our opening.