Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bing Soo

I want to start a new feature on tasty treats in D.C. and its environs. Annandale, VA is home to this area's Koreatown which holds its head high next to its sisters in NYC and L.A. Koreans love savory, pungent, rich and delicious foods but we also love light, delicious, subtle desserts. Green tea, red bean, light cream filled cakes and pastries fill Shilla Bakery, a place that reminds me of Seoul every time I arrive there. Usually, I stick with a pastry or two but this time around I decided to take Yelp's advice and try the Red Bean Bing Soo -- a GIANT mound of shaved ice, topped with red bean, tiny bits of rice cakes, chunks of fruit, and milk powder. Yes, it sounds odd but it is really refreshing and delicious, like eating ball of clean snow and the combination of all the toppings really works. If you are not as adventurous, pick up an excellent piece of tiramisu or a Pinkberry-esque tangy frozen yogurt and a cup of coffee. I only wish they would open a Shilla in the city. It would be an amazing alternative to Cosi.

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