Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bagels for the soul

This week's flavor: pumpernickel.

Tuesday, July 1st: Take advantage of Meeps' monthly First Tuesday Sale. Discounts, snacks, and sunny smiles from Danni and Leann!

Wednesday, July 2nd: Chicago avant-bluesist Little Howlin' Wolf does strange and wonderful things at The Velvet Lounge.

Thursday, July 3rd: Fuck with these really cute olive-green Seychelles pumps--40% off at!

Friday, July 4th: Whatever you're doing today will probably involve the grill. Re-jigger the standard barbecue fare by bringing herbed slaw and stewed green beans and poblanos to your cookout. (Confession: I brought both of these dishes to a party this weekend. They were so easy to prepare and turned out delicious!)

Saturday, July 5th: Baltimore and DC join forces! Wye Oak and Face Accidents play the Black Cat. United we stand; divided we fall, yung.

Sunday, July 6th: Eep! "Ornament as Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection" ends today! (We posted about the show a minute ago.)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Narrative baubles

Kali Arulpragasam's Superfertile line of elaborate, artisanal, and illustrative jewelry is fucking tops. Meticulous constructed and eye-poppingly beautiful, the pieces also raise probing questions about international society, poverty, and war.

Intrigued? Download a PDF of Tourism, the summer 2008 collection, here.


So everyone LOVES the W "Summer Camp" shoot, but why is Lara Stone topless or naked in every single photo? I feel bad for the girl, it's hardly for fashion...she's just there to show off her awesome boobs. I love awesome boobs as much as the next person, but it cheapened the shoot in my opinion.

Street Snap Friday

This one is really not fair....from Altamira:

Music for Lovers

Hallo music lovers. Below you will find the best summer girl band of all time, Marine Girls. Get out you straw hats and terrycloth sundresses! Kudos to the girls for the punk rock hair cuts. The British seaside is a uniquely romantic and nostalgic place, wouldn't you say? I have a soft spot for harbors, beaches and salt water. Also, Tracey Thorn is one of my most favorite people.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Beauty Booty

Now that summer solstice has occurred and mid-atlantic temperatures are creeping up to the 90+ degree range, I thought I would make a sister-post to 2007's winter beauty suggestions.

I had hoped that by now I'd be making all my own beauty products, but it probably won't happen until I win the lottery and buy a farm and grow all my own food and ingredients, so for now I do my best to read labels and avoid certain chemicals in manufactured products, all while trying not to donate my whole paycheck to Whole Foods. There's possibly nothing the U.S. hates more than regulating its industries, so until someone in a position of power admits that it isn't okay that babies in this country are born with 200 different chemicals present in their umbilical cords, we'll be on our own in terms of eschewing stuff that doesn't belong in our bodies. (Recent Washington Post article about this very topic.) So for now, if I need to buy a product that I'm going to use on my skin, I do my best to avoid long lists of ingredients, and especially those containing things like aluminum, parabens, and sodium laureth sulfate.

First things first:

Earth Science Liken Plant deodorant
Having been raised by health hippies (our household medical book contained drawings of naked people that you were supposed to color in according to your aura, as well as instructions on how to give your friend a pelvic exam), I did not really appreciate the value of deodorant for a long time, and I still think it's silly for people to obsess over body odor. However, since sweat glands are working over time in summer, it may be necessary to put a thin layer of something on your armpits once or twice a day. I personally have tested every single "natural" deodorant on the market, and this liken plant stuff is by far the best for my particular chemistry. The ingredients list is short and contains none of the offenders that I usually look for, plus the unscented version is truly unscented and, as long as you tread lightly, it won't leave a major white residue on your pits (though care when pulling on dark clothes is advised). Plus, the packaging is surprisingly sleek for deodorant, if you care about such things.

Next up...

Nature's Gate Sundercover sunscreen, SPF 30
Sunscreen is one of those products that I smugly balked at for years as totally unecessary, especially as a daily application. I underinformedly agreed with my father when he declared that sunscreen "causes cancer." Now, there is probably some truth to this statement, with parabens (common in skin products) having been linked to breast cancer and good old fashioned sunshine (in the form of vitamin D) serving as a protector against certain cancers. However, skin cancer remains the most common form of cancer in the U.S., and of course excess sun causes spots and wrinkles galore. For an upcoming trip to the beach I searched high and low to find a paraben-free sunscreen and Nature's Gate Sundercover provided it. It does contain a sunscreen called Parasol-1789, which makes me think I might be better off just using an actual parasol like people did in 1789, but for beach and pool excursions this summer, its going to have to do. Plus its consistency is light and non-goopy, and the slim, lightweight tube travels well.

Jojoba Oil
I'm not sure why the Aztecs tried to keep it a secret, but I'm glad the word got out...jobjoba oil (pronounced "ho-ho-bah") apparently has a chemical structure that is very similar to that of your skin's natural oils and even though it seems crazy to apply oil to breakout-prone skin, this stuff really does work! It has a nice feel and smell and, if applied sparingly, seems to help clear up problems and impart a healthy-looking glow. According to the ancient Aztecs who bottled it, it will also make your hair manageable and luxurious. Especially if you spend a lot of time getting dried up indoors by air conditioning, a daily dab of jojoba may be just what the medicine man ordered. (Yes, I have fake plastic ivy in my bathroom.)

Jason Sea Fresh Tooth Gel
Pearly whites look good all year round, plus the name makes me think of salty summer breezes. When I visited the dentist after using Jason Sea Fresh gel for a year or so, he told me that I had no plaque on my teeth. My dentist's office may double as a jewelry store on the weekends, but I see no reason not to believe him. Be warned that this tooth gel, which contains sea algae, is a little pricey and not to be confused with Jason Sea Fresh toothpaste, which is cheaper but doesn't seem to work nearly as well. Unlike most commercial dental hygiene products, this one doesn't contain sodium laureth sulfate and has a pleasant, not sugary-sweet, taste. And p.s., your teeth will really feel clean after brushing with it!

Last, but certainly not least...

The Neti Pot! The power of nasal irrigation is not to be underestimated as part of one's daily beauty routine! It helps prevent nasty winter colds but is just as useful for summer--the neti pot helps rinse out all the gritty city stuff you breathe in every day and moisturizes your over-air-conditioned sinuses. My advice: Use a non-heaping 1/4 teaspoon of neti pot salt (sold separately), mix extremely well in 1 cup of lukewarm water, lean over the sink at a 45 degree angle, then tilt left or right depending of which side you're doing. I know this one has nothing to do avoiding topical chemcial applications to the body, but it may help keep some environmental chemicals out. In any case, its positive effects cannot be overstated to anyone who suffers sinus problems year-round.

Happy summer, everybody!

Colorado Kitchen Closing!

(pic via Yelp and Meghan H.)

Bummer! The Washingtonian reports they will be opening a new location in Silver Sprung in the Fall. I will miss those weekend pails of doughnut holes and fried catfish with cheesy grits. I am hungry. (So much resto chatter on Washingtonian today!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Acne Sale

The Stockholm-based company ACNE ("Ambition to Create Novel Expressions") Jeans is having a summer sale. Their jeans make you look lean and long but we really appreciate their overall simple, classic forms that are tweaked to give a modern look. Can you tell we do our shopping during sale season? ;-) Oh yeah, and why can't a guy adopt the ballet slipper look?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bagels for the soul

(Godard's "Weekend" pic via AFI.Com)

So much culture! So little time!

Silverdocs may be wrapping up but you can still catch AFI's "Jean-Luc Godard in the 1960's" filfest. This week: "La Chinoise," "My Life to Live," and "Weekend."

Wednesday, Smithsonian Folklife Festival starts up on the Mall. To avoid the crowds, go this week, before the Fourth of July onslaught. This year's places and thing: Bhutan, NASA, Texas. Glancing at le weather this week, looks like Wednesday might be the best time to go. Go ahead! Take an extended lunch break! You deserve it!

From Emily: Also, Wedbesday at ICED: Art Deco Diamonds and Design, “fifth-generation jeweler Dino Pampillonia … presents an informative look at distinctive elements of jewelry design from the Roaring Twenties and early 1930s.” Cool! Richard and Alan Bishop pay tribute to their fallen Sun City Girls comrade Charles Gocher at the Black Cat—an event which includes a screening of Goucher’s experimental films. Cooler! Colorado Kitchen hosts a benefit dinner for veterans. Coolest! (Friend them on MySpace or call (202) 234 - 2000 for more information.)

Saturday, Mission of Burma rocks the Black Cat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Olsens!!! has a slideshow: Olsen Twins: 22 Years of Fashion!. (The exclamation points is theirs.) This slideshow is chock-full of awesome outfits, some of which I have never seen before! (It's not like I crazily troll the Internet for pics of them ... or anything ... ahem.)

I will post highlights here.

The print on Ashley's dress looks like illustrations of mitochondria from my grade-school science textbook.

One of my faves. Their bags match each other's outfits.

This pallette? Yes.

Click over to Fashion is Spinach for a link to the WWD Blog interview with the pair -- in which their publicist insisted that they not be referred to as twins. Hmm.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

APC Sale

(from a.p.c. s/s 08 look book via

APC sale for mens and womens! You can nab this carefree throwback tunic for half off. Note: this stuff moves fast.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greek Love

Granny Tunes

There aren't enough synonyms for "genius" to describe the way I feel about design collective Greece Is For Lovers. Seriously. My grandmother's neighbor once tried to teach me how to crochet in the style of the iPod above but I didn't catch on too easily, though I still wish I was more versed in the craft traditions of the Mediterrenean.

Ridden in Stone

Ash is Ok

Opa Curtains

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Street Snaps

This week's hails from London via France...gorgeous summer colors!! From Garance Dore:

The Politics of Thrift

Great, educational post over at DC Goodwill Fashion Blog--she breaks down some of our thrifting options by 501(c)3 status...also,in the same vein, here's a great primer on the used textile industry and whether or not donating clothes to charity is actually charitable.

Listopad Mix #4

Hey errbody. I present to you... Listopad Mix #4. The best part of this mix? So hard to choose, but it's the 12-year old New Orleans rapper on the Devious track. Please enjoy.

"Janet Reno"
Silky Slim "Sister Sister"
Betty Davis "Talkin Trash"
The Dix "Here Comes the Dix"
Devious "Hey P Poppers"
Andre Nickatina and Equipto "N Yo Eyes"
Kalyan "Hot Tea"
The Carstairs "It Really Hurts Me Girl"
Kayak "I Want You To Be Mine"
B.W.H. "Stop" (Extended Mix)
Zodiac "Pacific"

Download here.

Fro-yo yo

(photo courtesty of tangysweet via dcist)

For those who steer clear of news from our coastal friends in L.A. and NYC, here is a brief history of the frozen yogurt ("fro-yo") evolution. Frozen yogurt originated with the Red Mango chain in South Korea. This is frozen yogurt in the literal sense, yogurt that contains active cultures that is blended together and frozen into a tangy, healthy delicious treat. This is not the lame-o low-fat version of American soft-serve we were accustomed to growing up. In Korea, it is popular to put the fruit and little bits of rice cakes on top to obtain a creamy, tangy, fruity, and chewy mixture, without too much sweet. So, I started salivating when I heard that a fro-yo place was opening up within walking distance. Thankfully, the new TangySweet in Dupont did not dissapoint. Their recipe has a great balance of natural tanginess and subtle sweetness and the berries (which are supposed to be sourced as local as possible) tasted fresh and ripe. You can also choose various cereals and other fruit toppings or get it in smoothie form. I deem this stuff is better than Pinkberry (the rumor is that their stuff is made out of powder while TangySweet does taste like the yogurt I make at home). Now my life is complete.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bagels for the soul

Oh, the places you’ll go this week! (With our guidance, that is.)

You’ll probably stumble into work hungover—or at least tired from staying up and watching Weeds--on Monday, June 16, so don’t worry about going all-out tonight. It’s totally understandable if all you can muster up the energy to do is e-mail Design Within Reach in Adams Morgan and RSVP for Eames movie night, because Monday is your last opportunity to do so.

Is this you?

Tuesday, June 17 is the first day of Silverdocs, and boy, are these folks not fucking around! We are the most stoked for Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell--“a visionary tone poem that’s as much a celebration as an elegy for avant-garde cellist and dance music producer Arthur Russell.” (When my boyfriend was like, “You’ll really like this guy Arthur Russell,” I was like, “He sounds like a math teacher. Next!” But don’t be fooled. His music is the gentlest of mindfucks. But perhaps you’re in the mood for something a little more … I don’t know … vintage?! You could go to the free screening of parts one through four of An American Family, a 1973 PBS verite-style miniseries about the Loud family. We get to witness the Louds divorcing and their son coming out—both of which were like a huge deal in the seventies. I’d like to tune in for the fashions! (Nb, this screening starts at 9 AM!)

Arthur Russell.

The Louds.

If none of this stuff has you sufficiently fucked up, the F Yeah Tour promises to do so. Baltimore bangerman Dan Deacon is headlining; a bunch of other crazies are playing. Art provided by the kick-ass Philly studio/gallery collective Space 1026. This will all go down at the Black Cat on Wednesday June 18th. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Dan Deacon.

On Thursday, June 19, all of your hard work from Monday will pay off—it’s Eames movie night! Show up at Design Within Reach at 7 PM for popcorn, beer, and “a screening of seven films, ranging from one to 30 minutes in length, [covering] topics from toy tops to the world of Franklin and Jefferson, from simple sea creatures to the explanation of advanced mathematical and scientific concepts.” Should we even try to fathom how stuff like this translates cinematically? Let’s just go and find out.

Ray and Charles Eames.

Friday, June 20th! Your hellish/joyful week has come to an end. Hit up the $8 Lunar Lotus yoga class at Studio Serenity before heading out to the Hirschhorn After Hours party—it’s the last one of 2008. Catch DJ People’s Champion before he bounces to Berlin and Maxi Geil! and Playcolt before they combust with cuteness.

The Hirshhorn is right here.

You might have to do some driving on Saturday, June 21st, because the second annual Pile of Craft show goes down in Baltimore! “Forty+ crafty vendors,” folks!

This little guy is by Imogene, a Pile of Craft vendor. Kawaiiiiiiiiii anyone?

Sunday Sunday Sunday, June 22nd is something that I am really looking forward to: the 2008 Northern Virginia Antiques and Modernism Show and Sale!!! “This year's show will feature at least 150 exhibitors from 15 states, with more vintage clothing dealers and a larger section of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern dealers.” UM!!! SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

One more little thingy: Chance Encounters: Photographs from the Collection of Norman Carr and Carolyn Kinder Carr ends today. The Carrs' "exceptional holdings provide a rich overview of the genre of street photography, from its origins in the early years of the 20th century to its apotheosis in the 1970s.” Street photography! A fashion blogger’s bread and butter. Pay homage to the legit heavy hitters on whose shoulders we stand, like Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, and Weegee. PS: The Carrs are local. Good looking out, guys!

New York City by Lee Friedlander.

Friday, June 13, 2008

This Weekend: Antiquing For Cool Shit

Do you love art and stuff from the early to mid 20th century ? Well, here is an a/c friendly way to spend your afternoon this weekend: The Art Deco Society of Washington presents Antiques & Modernism Show and Sale . (Thanks, Emily!)
*Correction: OK. This is happening next weekend! Oh god. This heat is getting to my brain.


Did Friday the 13th cause the power outtage and fire on the Dupont and Metro center metro stops today ? Or could it just be Metro and some of the many delays as of late? I thought winter was bad with the hair dryers and ice but apparently these delays are not seasonal. Metro, what is your major malfunction? Is the weight of the increasing ridership physically breaking the tracks? Or could it be...sabotage?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

SILVERDOCS!!!!! June 16-23

(from SilverDocs.Com, from top "Mechanical Love," "My Winnipeg," and "The Betrayal")

D.C. has it's fair share of thought-provoking film festivals. And, as you may know, Listopad is a big fan (especially if they are free)! We are approaching the mother of all of them -- SilverDocs (OK, not FREE but totally worth the price), at AFI in Silver Spring, is like the Sundance of documentaries and reminds you how much there is to discover about other people and life. There are over a hundred films being shown and the hard part is deciding which to go to and also which to get into.
Perfect afternoon date: check out a doc and head over to Lebanese Taverna express or Negril for some savory Jamaican food. You can munch and discuss what you just watched- you will likely have a lot to talk about.

Rad Recipe

Check out the fab blog Delicious Days for a simple recipe for Pink Grapefruit and Ginger Lemonade. Thirst quenchiest and antidoxidocious.

Funpants McGee

Ladles and jellyspoons,

Mad madness this weekend.

You may have seen our Friday, June 13th pick on DailyCandy today--sorry! We really try hard not to do that, but how, how, how could we not remind our lovelies about the opening of gelato swami Dolcezza's Bethesda location! We routinely freak out about their sexy flavs. Highlights include cardamom and mojito!

You better not have to work on Saturday, June 14th, because several things are happening.

Access to Life opens at the Corcoran. (I am going to go ahead and copy the description from their site; it's so nicely written.) In 2007, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria initiated a joint project with Magnum Photos to graphically document the positive impact that free antiretroviral drug treatment is having on the lives of millions of AIDS patients around the world. ... Access to Life is an artistic and educational response to the lifesaving success of this effort. ... In India, Haiti, Mali, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland and Vietnam, the photographers created visual chronicles that encompassed their subjects’ lives both before and after drug treatments. Intense, right?

Moving on to nightlife! Hypnotic band Battles annihilates all that you thought was holy at the 9:30 Club along with Baltimore freak-flag-flyers Thank You.

If you prefer dancing to losing your mind, you could attend The Soulfuck at the Black Cat. I have never heard of this party, but all of the songs on their MySpace were pretty tight. (The Express wouldn't print its full name. Lame!)

Say goodbye to Artomatic on Sunday, June 15th! This visual free-for-all goes into hiding for another year.

Stay tuned for next week: independent films abound with the start ofSilverdocs at the AFI and Eames move night at Design Within Reach!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music for Lovers

We're going all out, introducing new "features" and "columns" left and right, because summertime brings out the best in us. We'll be trying to cover music more regularly under the "Music for Lovers" heading, let us know what you think! I'll try not to gush about Mariah Carey every time ;)

I'm going to use this space to espouse on my favorite sub-genre of music of all time: Freestyle, also known as Latin Freestyle. Freestyle songs are perfect beach songs; super danceable yet catchy, and of course, the fashion is totally awesome. Observe:

SA-FIRE - Let Me Be the One

One word: eyebrows.


This girl is for real. She's responsible for my favorite freestyle jam of all time: "Summertime Summertime." Also, the rosette bra--you know that Marc Jacobs is mining this vintage look as I type.


Umm, men's oversized shirts + leggings? They could be walking in Soho circa 2008. Don't get me started on the hair!

PS the dance moves in all these videos deserve a post all their own...

Site Unseen

(from the sweet vintage guide on

Trailing behind Kata's fab neutral post, I present you some male options. Khaki and plaid are not just for preppies anymore (also, can someone tell me what is the definition of "preppy" these days)? It's a great way to look cool and keep cool during these treacherous D.C. heat spells. In order to prevent looking like one skin tone without looking like you are trying to impress the college board, add a splash of yellow. I haven't seen one man this combo looks bad on. Visit Meeps for a great selection of fitted dude's vintage shirts and colorful ties!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Street Snaps

Welcome to a new column by the girls of Listopad: Street Snaps. I know a lot of blogs do this exact same thing, but we can do it better. Every week we will troll the internet for the best "streetstyle" pictures to share with you. Inagurating the column is this summer nymph from Stockholm Streetstyle:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Old-lady habits die hard.

Dudes. Grab a CityPaper ASAP. It contains a 20% off coupon good at the Marimekko store in Silver Spring.

Image via Homebug.

(If you're looking for something fascinating to mull over, read Nick Currie's excellent post in The Moment about Muji, a Japanese company that manufactures its products with the "the confident awareness that modesty and discretion are, together, the better part of style." Intrigued? Do read Currie's post. Be prepared to quietly flip out.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Epoca de oro

Over the next few weekends the National Gallery of Art will present a film program featuring cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, the "Master of Light and Shade" of Mexico's Golden Age of cinema (the 1940s and 50s). Included are "La Perla"(an adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel "The Pearl"), "Enamorada," starring the luminous Maria Felix, and "Nazarin," directed by Spanish surrealist Luis Bunuel. Figueroa's use of use of chiaroscuro, gauzy filters, and dramatic landscapes broke ground artistically and was for him an expression of Mexican national identity in the same tradition as the muralists who inspired much of his work.

The program runs June 7, 14, 15, and 28. Check the website for times. Films at the National Gallery are FREE.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pleats 'n' folds

From Lyell's spring collection.

From Donna Karan's resort collection.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shytown Love

Beautiful pieces from Apparatchik in Chicago:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Crossing Borders

(from "Road to the Away Game" from Goethe-Institut website. Thanks Emily!)
Third Annual Asian-European Short Film Showcase, Monday, 02 June - Friday, 13 June 2008:
Each night, a different pair of countries from Europe and Asia are featured, along with a speaker to "highlight and compare issues facing these cultures today." And it's free! This is a good chance to visit the cultural arms of our city's embassies. My only question is, why isn't Russia featured? Too obvious?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Le Smoking, Extinguished

Guys. Yves Saint Laurent died.


(Image from Brightstarlights.)