Friday, September 28, 2007

This Weekend

Tonight: Festival of Women's Film and Media Arts screenings; Diplo and Switch at Sonar Baltimore

Tomorrow: Planet of Storms at the National Gallery, 2:30pm; Thurston Moore at Rock n Roll Hotel, Disco City upstairs;

Sunday: Crafty Bastards; Fiesta DC; Greek Festival!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crafty Bastards Pick

pic from City Paper site

My pick for Sunday's Crafy Bastards is John Davis' leather cuff bracelets. I've seen them at Meeps before, but expect a wider array of options at the event. They're made of eco-friendly recycled leather.

Feeling French

Are you aching for some European comfort chic? I just found agnes b's online store, bad news for the wallet.

pics from agnes b website

Ebay Lust

Political and Movie Poster Reproductions from Cuba

all images from ebay seller

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crafty Bastards pick of the day

Greenware Design's collaborative ceramics and succulent plant presentations are a lasting alternative to the short-term bouquet of flowers. Hello, boyfriend. Hello.

Object Lust

Scope Duffel Bag by Marc Newson, for Samsonite
pic from moss Online

A classy way to travel.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crafty Bastards pick of the day

Just a few days away, Crafty Bastards is poised to offer up myriad handmade goods to D.C. for the fourth year in a row. You can see a list of vendors on the Washington City Paper website and preview the colorful array of items that await you this Sunday in Adams Morgan.

My pick of the day is If'n Books + Marks of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Deb Dormody's hand-bound books, journals, and albums are beautiful and look incredibly well-crafted. As an aspiring papercrafts nerd myself, I'm biased, but be sure to check them out. Happy browsing!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Princess Tina

pic from Princess Tina site

While I thought Princess Tina was doing only cute jewelry and the occasional hoodie, lo and behold, she's got a whole line going! I love the school-girl feel of these outfits, especially the knee socks. It's a bit Built by Wendy, (which makes sense, as BBW sells some Princess Tina bits), but more solid and more mixable with things you already have in your closet. Now, where can I get these pieces???

p.s. you can get some shirts at Giant Robot

This Week

Trance still from AFI site

Monday: Trance at AFI, 9pm

Tuesday: Plastic People of the Universe at Black Cat

Wednesday: Dirty Projectors at Black Cat; TRAP at Napoleon with Dave Nada

Thursday: oh shit, tons of stuff: Steve Summers at Bobby Fisher, 9pm; Modernist Society at Bourbon; Tim Gunn at the Corcoran

Friday, September 21, 2007


Brad Pitt is downtown, at the Post!

This Weekend

pic by Pat Graham

Tonight: Raise the Red Lantern at the Library of Congress, 7pm, free (yes! they're doing a whole series on my fave director)

Tomorrow: See Khmer rapper praCH Ly break it down at Freer Sackler; The Get Down at Napoleon

Sunday: La Boheme simulcast on the National Mall, 2pm; Ian Svenonius introduces Pat Graham at Olsson's, 6pm

Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the Cheap

Did you see these awesome bracelets from Oak? While they're usually readily available at thrift stores, DC fashionistas can get them on the quick and cheap at that crazy import store on 18th Street (you know, the one in the same strip as Pharmacy Bar). The bracelets are $1.50 each instead of $15 each. Cha-Ching!

pic from Oak

Ebay Lust

Vintage signed Emilio Pucci Scarf

pic from seller

Funny Ha Ha

This totally believable Onion story

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Object Lust

Tsumori Chisato Wool Jersey Dress

pic from Refinery29

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Fashion

I'm feeling the Northern European minimalism in these superb pieces...they're SO wearable, with a pinch of avant thrown in.

pics from Tillman Lauterbach's site

He got a seat on the bus...

But can he get D.C. a seat in the House of Representatives?

This morning a funny thing happened. I got on an S bus on 16th Street as I usually do, but noticed that there was an unusual amount of traffic and that more people were getting off the bus than were getting on. After a few minutes it became clear that there had been an accident and that 16th Street was shut down from Park Road to Irving Street. There were also cameras flashing on my bus and I heard someone make a joke about "car free day." That's when I realized that our dashing young mayor was on my bus! True to his word, he rode the bus to work today, accompanied by his posse and a cameraman. However, after one slow-moving block, the crew demanded "BACK DOOR!" of the patient driver. Passengers yelled back "Wait 'till he turns the corner!", which made me smile because I like that D.C. citizens are willing to put the mayor in his place in defense of the bus driver. Another block later, I decided to get off and walk. I got past Columbia Road, where there was a lone S bus loading passengers. To my surprise, fleet-footed Fenty was also on this bus! Good for him for not resorting to a taxi, even on this important day for the District. Word on the street is that even if the bill to secure a seat for the District of Columbia in the House of Representatives passes, it will be vetoed by you-know-who, for reasons that are disgustingly obvious. However Fenty will appear on the Senate floor this morning to make a personal appeal for the bill. I am keeping my fingers crossed that some magic will happen and that U.S. citizens, such as myself, that reside in the District will soon have the same voting rights as everybody else.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Listopad/Red Onion Party Pics

Last night, Red Onion Records and Books opened its doors after-hours for a special cocktail party with Listopad! The food catered by Adam's Morgan eatery Yazuzu was a scrumptious compliment to the fantastic music, books, and vintage clothing offerings. And, oh yes, the wine. Not only was this a huge success for Red Onion and Listopad but we had an opportunity to meet many lovely new folks and see old friends as well.

Browsing through Josh Harkavy's carefully-selected music selection. He recently replenished his stock with so many great things that people were leaving with stacks of new records and books!

Indeed, even with wine involved you can learn something from the Red Onion book selection.

Our racks of vintage clothing, including many fall items. Thanks to our lovely friends Joshua, Kathleen, Drew and Logan Hardware for building such stylishly industrial yet sturdy racks.

The mens loved the vintage Wrangler selection. Don't they just make you want to drink a beer and chop some wood?
We met Noelle last night and quickly found she has amazing taste. Also she glowed in everything she picked up, including this vintage navy blue wrap dress.

Great vinyl = amazing mask.

Delightful Andy O. and the Lovely Miss Ashby.

Ian Svenonius ("DJ Name Names") : famed musician, writer, tastemaker, neighbor.

Joshua and Adam enjoying the lovely evening on the stoop outside. We were not joking when we told our friends to take it outside if it got too crowded! Luckily, they are all mensches.

Katerina and Cathy thank you for a special evening. Huge thanks to Red Onion's Josh H. and Alyssa, Yazuzu's Najwa and Nasser, and the multi-talented Ally Schweiter (also our event photographer). And thanks to everyone who continue to love us and support us. We hope we can do this again real soon!
In the meantime, keep frequenting Red Onion, Yazuzu, and all other D.C. businesses to keep you informed, well-fed, and looking good!

This Weekend

Tonight: Wild Style opening at Dissedent Display

Tomorrow: See Ian Whitmore's opening at G Fine Art (I previewed it Tuesday and it's totally awesome!)

Sunday: Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka at NGA

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that trekked out to our party and stuck around even through the heat! It was tons of fun!

See coverage from our buds at BYT and Pandahead

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Evening

Come out and say Hi at our Vintage Clothing Cocktail Party!

Remember: Free food and wine, awesome vintage clothing & accesories, DJ Name Names and tons of used records/books/CDs!

Ebay Lust

Vintage Rainbow Beaded Purse

pic from Ebay seller

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Object Lust

Kristen Lee Newsom Bootie

pic from Oak website



Head on over to BYT for the Listopad "I Heart DC" column...we had a lot of fun doing it and hope you like it! Thanks to Svetlana for the opportunity!

pic by Chris Richards

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OMG Cuteness

pics from Cactus Jardim flickr

Found on the internet...Aren't these the sweetest?! Crochet cacti from a Brazilian artist...soon to be online at Cactus Jardim.

p.s. if anyone can make these for me i would pay top dolla

Call the Doctor

Yohji Yamamoto and Chloe pics by Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse

Did you love the Yohji Yamamoto boots on the runway for this fall? Do you miss your Doc Martens? Palace5ive is stocking Creative Recreation boots that skirt the same trend while keeping it street. Loving this company!

pics by Palace5ive

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Wrinkle in Time


Good Times

Friday at the Hirshorn was almost complete madness...the people of Good Magazine really went all out, and I think they have some more anniversary parties planned for Chicago and other cities, so keep an eye out!

My friend Beth and I living it up

I have a slight idea of what it cost to rent out the Hirshorn for a huge party, so I wonder how they could afford to do it, even with the sponsors. But I am not complaining! The (free) drinks were way strong, I got a bamboo t-shirt and dancing dangerously close to priceless art is always fun. The best part, though, was definitely the photobooth. Instant photos of you and your friends chilling cannot be beat. They gave you a code to download and email your specific strip--pure genius. Also, I think PhotoBoof lets you in on the knowhow of making your own.

Apocalyptic Hair

film stills from the internet

I watched Apocalypto this weekend and yes, it was everything it was said to be. Ultra-violent, brutal, gorey, all of it. But god damn the costumes! They were breathtaking! The details in the jewelry, tattoos, hair and make-up of the film are amazing, and worth sitting through the violence for. They had up to 250 make-up artists each day of shooting, creating unique scarification, hair styles and facial piercings for each main character and extra.

I guess Mayan people were not much different from us...they used clothing, jewelry and hair styles to convey class status and material wealth...jade being the main color that denoted aristocracy. Gold, and other precious metals, was not in the picture yet, but don't worry...the colonialists would teach that soon enough.

Listopad Preview

A sneak peek into what we will be offering on Thursday....