Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hillary or Bust

Sometimes the most fashion-y attention DC can garner is this. The girls at Jezebel are wondering why Robin Givhan, who won a Pulitzer for her fashion musings, even cares about Hillary's boobs (the article came out a bit ago). Seriously, worrying about boobs on the president is like talking about female presidents' getting PMS and ruining the country. Also, if a woman ever becomes president, I'm sure it will be during her post-menopausal years.

Monday, July 30, 2007

This Week

Our recommendations:

Monday: Screen on the Green "Wait Until Dark" 8pm

Tuesday: The Lives of Others (Ulrich Mühe just passed away) and Purple Rain at AFI

Wednesday: Pow Wow at Spy Lounge 10pm

Thursday: Crowd Control at DC9 with the Committee Boys 9pm

Movies and music...two of my favorite things.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Antelope at Fort Reno & Modernist Society at Bourbon

Last night, Kata and I enjoyed a night out at Fort Reno to see Antelope. It was one of those perfect D.C. summer nights - great music, friends, perfect weather. If you haven't been to Fort Reno, there are still free shows left this summer.
We packed a dinner of always delectable sandwiches from Dupont Market, hopped on the Red line, and sprawled out on our blanket to hear the best in local music. Good Humor truck is on standby for these shows. Chipwich anyone?

One foxy stylish pup we could not take our eyes off of.

The show ended in just enough to time to hop over to Bourbon in Adam's Morgan for the "The Modernist Society," a monthly dj/culture night. We missed the speaker from Al Jazeera English and the free vodka but it is always nice drop by Bourbon, one of the friendliest spots in Adams Morgan. Bourbon bread pudding year-round! You could call this my graduated chipwich.

The lovely and fanstastic server Judith who is wearing a Listopad vintage item!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Museum Shopping

One of the best parts about living in DC is the sheer amount of, er, educational opportunities presented to us. And by that I mean musuems. DC is the HQ of Smithsonian, in addition to other privately-funded musuems--which means lots and lots of education, plus the special added benefit of every world-renowned museum/institution: the museum shop. Believe you me, Smithsonian offers some of the most awesome ones.

- First up, the Building Museum (duh). While the building that houses the Building Museum is gorgeous in and of itself, the location is a little hidden and the exhibitions are just so-so. But the shop is top notch! So many design items, including: Alvar Aalto vases, Taschen editions, Danish knick-knacks and Alessi functional art. It's all classic. You have to go in person though, the online shop is very empty.

- The Freer and Sackler Galleries. Not only do they constanty offer free movies that are both recent and amazing, they also sell stuff. My picks: great jewelry (for gifts and whatnot), Japanese incense (the best, nothing like the shitty hippy kind) and totally amazing original artwork and reproductions. I suggest going in person too...why would you pay shipping for something from your own town?

- The American Indian Museum. Online you can get some nice blankets, but the physical store in the museum is two levels and filled to the brim with awesome things. Lots of beaded jewelry, textiles and toys. Plus their cafeteria is so top-notch!

- And, of course, the Smithsonian institution has a shop that encompasses all its museums. Love pandas? Show it with a caftan! Need a new purse? How about one that is "Evocative of nostalgic handbags included in our domestic life collections, National Museum of American History, Behring Center?" (and is cute to boot).

So next time you're around the national mall and looking to escape the heat, peep into one of the museum stores. It's classy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank you, dahlings!

Thanks so much to everyone that came out last night! The party was so much fun and we had a great time meeting everyone. The wine was flowing and people were beautiful. We were so happy to introduce a lot of people to Mercedes' store for the first time and to help people find that perfect vintage dress/shawl/purse/jumper/hat/cufflinks they were looking for.

Keep on the lookout for more events from the Listopad girls...we definitely have a couple up our sleeves ;) And big ups to Morgan from Pandahead and her sweet post.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop and Skip

More DC musak! Chris Burns, man about town and busiest DJ in the area, just posted a new House/Disco/Italo/Boogie mix online...check it out! And check out his nights at Dahlak, Rock n Roll Hotel and every other bar in DC.

1. JT "I Love Music"2. One Way "Shine On Me (M&M mix)"3. Oliver Cheatham "Get Down Saturday Night"4. Nancy Martin "Can't Believe (instrumental)"5. Jeanette Day "Come and Let Me You."5. Vincent Montana Jr. "Who Needs Enemies (with Friends like you)"[Chris Burns Re-Edit]6. Touch "Without You"7. Jamie Principle "Waiting on My Angel"8. Night Moves "Transdance"9. Klapto "Mister Game"10. Keith Worth "Deep for Dayz"11. Master C&J "When You Hold Me"12. Dennis Ferrer "Son of Raw (Loco Dice Remix)"13. Stereotyp "Keepin' Me (Fauna Flash rmx )[Chris Burns stormy day edit]14. Telepopmusik "Love Can Damage Your Health (Rmx)"15. Mission Control "Outta Limits (Shelter Mix)"
pic from this dude

New Wale!

DC's own Wale, rapper extraordinaire, just released his new mixtape...you may have caught him at Crowd Control in March, you may have seen him chilling with Mark Ronson (now his label boss) but you better catch on now cause dude is blowing up! Nick Catchdubs produced the mix...from what he told me this shit is mad fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Take Back the Streets

I just read this interesting piece on fashion blogs and street style, which I think lightly touches upon in surge in the DIY fashion reporting and street style trendsetting of late (um, yeah, I realize I started this blog mere weeks ago). Since it's written for a small paper, the focus is very local (see Pike/Pine for an excellent example), but with the internet in everyone's home nowadays, what really is local? We have access to pics of actual people everyday from Paris, Israel and Singapore, just to name a few. Bringing the power to the people, bloggers can spark trends, spread them and reject them. Yet, there are haters:
Margaret Voelker-Ferrier, a University of Cincinnati professor of fashion
design, says there's strong interest in these blogs among art and design
students and young designers, but calls the phenomenon "the latest flash in the
Voelker-Ferrier thinks their influence is slim on mainstream fashion
editorial. "People think fashion is from the street, but it's not," she said.
"It's from the designers who are using the streets for inspiration. So at the
end, it's still coming from the designers."

PLEASE! She says herself that designers use the streets for inspiration. While I think style beheamoths Vogue and the like will only have a passing fancy for street style, the influence of democracy-thru-internet is undeniable. That's why independent businesses selling clothing and accesories are popping up everywhere and that's why people like Scott Schuman are pronouced "design influencers."

P.S. DC is also representing street style on the internets. Check out Pandahead, Project Beltway and Outrageously Chic.

**EDIT: OK, I am not so sure how local the piece is supposed to be as it's an AP piece, but originally running in the Seattle Times (thus, not a wire piece they picked up).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Supreme Pleasure

I know this is supposed to be DC-style blog, I've just been slow on repping DC style so far--I'm getting there. For all the streetwear heads out there, Supreme's last summer drop is coming to Commonwealth tomorrow at 11 a.m. Don't sleep--earlier this season the line was around the block for these joints. I'm pretty sure Supreme is exclusively carried at Commonwealth for our area.
Commonwealth™ 1781 Florida Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20009 202.265.1831 (my old neighbors!)

Sans Guilt

Eco-fashion is all over the media nowdays, but most of it is either frumpy hemp hippy clothing or hyped-up poseur wear. Take Bono's clothing line Edun for example....that shit ain't even 100% organic, yet is constantly touted as eco-fashion. Just like buying organic produce (flown in from South Africa) from Wal-Mart makes sense...wait, it doesn't.

But there are awesome alternatives. And one of the best is the SANS label, who've been doing their thing for a while now. Using organic cotton, bamboo and wool, their innovative designs are earthy-
futuristic, if that's possible. Also, available online now!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jane is Dead

Jane magazine is over...I never really liked the rag, but I guess it was important to some people?

Glowing Skin

You don't normally think of the above when you here the word ACNE, but if you've got your fashion thinking cap on, Ambition to Create Novel Expressions must come to mind. This minimalist Swedish label is known for their flattering denim cuts--their jeans have a cult-like following. But beyond the hip jeans is a decidedly Scandinavian flair for simple basics with awesome details. Plain t-shirts with just the right amount of extra v-neck, tank tops just sheer enough to go from bland to sexy and heels to die for. You can get the jeans at Barney's, but the clothing collection is hard to come by, and when it is available (online) the selection is limited. Fortunately, their online store recently started shipping to the US. Check out these gems:

A little Thierry Mugler, a little Christopher Kane

This laid-back piece exerts cool with the throw-back wash and big buttons.

A perfect transition piece for summer to fall. Cute denim dress that can be layered over black tights and shirts when it gets chilly.

You can also get Acne Paper on the website, always an excellent read.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Neon lights

Inspiration from M.I.A.: how to wear layers upon layers of pink leopard print tracksuits jumpersneon splatter tie-dye 80s 90s pumps Nike hot pants hoodies Jamz vintage fluroscent graphic tee gold lame hypercolors craziness!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shopping Party!

What you'll find:

Questions??? listopadshop@gmail.com

Love to Hate

Let's admit it, American Apparel is everywhere. Looking like a hipster is as ubiquitous as Old Navy in the Midwest. It's sad for real hipsters, who are retreating into the world ghetto glam (which can still be sexy). Still, I won't deny it--I love American Apparel. Here are my picks from the new stuff:

Menswear is back!

These shorts just scream summertime lounging!

I can't imagine a more breezy option for running errands, chilling on the beach or grabbing a hangover brunch.

Skinema, however, is utter shit (don't worry, I got a press copy. I would never pay for that trash).

Summer Sales

Marc Jacobs Jellies for $50 at Barney's Co-Op...a grown-up version of your favorite childhood summertime shoes. Pretty cheap for Marc but are they wearable? They'll outlast your heels on city streets but plastic is plastic.


5471-C Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 7:00
Sunday 12:00 - 6:00


3040 M Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 8:00
Sunday 12:00 - 6:00