Friday, August 8, 2008


Listopad recently spent some time with Ellen Van Dusen, who makes clothes.

Ellen is on the right. (Look at her cute hair!) She made both of these dresses. The one on the left is from a collection based on badass Color Field painters like Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko, and Morris Louis.

She made this one, too.

And this one. (You may have spotted this dress in the window at Meeps. She has a bunch of her stuff for sale there under the label LN.)

Ellen told us that she considers the way the eye works when she's designing stuff. "I think a lot about shape and color," she says. "Your brain takes in flat shapes all at once -- when I look at an image, I like to know that my brain is processing it all at the same time. I work with seams and shapes for a flat look."

Ellen and I went to high school together here in DC. It was really fun catching up.

(If you want Ellen to make you something, e-mail her:

(Photos: Cathy Chung.)

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Ally said...

LOOOOVE that yellow & black one!