Friday, July 13, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop and Skip

More DC musak! Chris Burns, man about town and busiest DJ in the area, just posted a new House/Disco/Italo/Boogie mix online...check it out! And check out his nights at Dahlak, Rock n Roll Hotel and every other bar in DC.

1. JT "I Love Music"2. One Way "Shine On Me (M&M mix)"3. Oliver Cheatham "Get Down Saturday Night"4. Nancy Martin "Can't Believe (instrumental)"5. Jeanette Day "Come and Let Me You."5. Vincent Montana Jr. "Who Needs Enemies (with Friends like you)"[Chris Burns Re-Edit]6. Touch "Without You"7. Jamie Principle "Waiting on My Angel"8. Night Moves "Transdance"9. Klapto "Mister Game"10. Keith Worth "Deep for Dayz"11. Master C&J "When You Hold Me"12. Dennis Ferrer "Son of Raw (Loco Dice Remix)"13. Stereotyp "Keepin' Me (Fauna Flash rmx )[Chris Burns stormy day edit]14. Telepopmusik "Love Can Damage Your Health (Rmx)"15. Mission Control "Outta Limits (Shelter Mix)"
pic from this dude

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