Friday, July 11, 2008

Frenchy Friday

Now that Americans are starting to awake from their post-9/11, post-Freedom Fries haze, we are finally beginning to accept once more that France is awesome.

Before Bushie, didn't all smart, tasteful Americans adore France? Of course we did, and for too many reasons to name. Their language, their thinness, their smoking habit, their film, their detached coolness, their health care, their rejection of American stupidity-- France is so over it, and we love that about them.

So in preparation for Bastille Day on Monday, I'm celebrating the little piece of France I love most: its pop music!

Our first chanson is from the sexalicious Quebec-born Mylene Farmer, who is one of France's top-selling singers of all time. Here is her first single, released in 1984:

Mylene Farmer "Maman a Tort"

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