Sunday, July 27, 2008

It'll be OK, Betty.

I doubt that anyone needs to be reminded that the second season of Mad Men commences tonight at 10 pm on AMC. This cable-less girl will be in her parent's basement, eating pesto and crying over everyone's outfits. I can never decide whose I like the best.

Rachel is so haute.

Peggy has this weird Chloe Sevigny aura that I am obsessed with.

Betty is just, like, perfect -- but in a way that I am not totally crazy about.

Joan had this one really great necklace that made several appearances last season.

I know that we are supposed to be distracted by her hubba-hubba vibe, but what I really appreciate is the simplicity of Joan's outfits.

Midge, of course, kicks ass.

I think my favorite, though, is Helen Bishop.

I think it's because she is divorced, and therefore badass. Maybe it's her vaguely-menswear tendencies?

Can we take a vote? Who do you guys like the best?


Mike said...

HB is cool but is wound too tight; I am generally pro-hubba-hubba so I think I will vote Joan. She is also hilarious.

Emily said...

Cathy hipped me to this excellent post on the show's first season.