Friday, October 19, 2007

This Weekend

Friday: "Lars and the Real Girl" opens at E-Street. I always loved Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin and I predict I will enjoy Gosling in this.

Saturday: Daytime, Russian Bazaar at St. John the Baptists's Orthodox Cathedral in 17th St NW.
At night, Styleistics Fall '07 at Rock and Roll Hotel. Get there early for complimentary champagne courtesy of Le Chat Noir 7-9pm. And peruse local designs from local talent like local fashion sweetheart Morgan Hungerford's Muss and De*Nada whose braid scarf we love.

Sunday: Go and say hi to the Meeps staff (Ally pictured above, glasses for sale at the store) who are available to help you with your Halloween needs. Also, they have some choice fall pieces from 40-60's right now. I just picked up a sweet German wool cropped sweater.

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Kata said...

yessssssssssss i love this pic so much. maybe i will frame it and put it above my bed to look at when i am falling asleep.