Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ok, so I would never wear anything that was all-over print designer logos. And I am pretty sure I won't ever buy a bag for thousands of dollars because Nicole Richie did--I don't need her to think I am cool. But I do want a beautiful, unique, well-made bag to house all the shit i carry around with me that I don't really need. Here are my faves:

Tila March - are these even available in the US?

pic from Tila March site

Jerome Dreyfuss - You can cop some styles at ShopBop and Mick Margo

pic from ShopBop

Ashley Watson - You've all probably heard of her bags by now, but they're still awesome! At Shop Fatal and Beklina

pic from Ashley's site


Montmarte said...

hey kata! good to see you back! those bags are really great...i love how vintage inspired they are.

Kata said...

thanks rene! yes, it's slightly maddening that a lot of our consumerism is driven by the desire to go back to the past, but i do appreciate a nice bag!

Cath said...

I have been saving in my piggy bank for a big, practical Ashley Watson (also But should I hold out for Jerome instead?