Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Listopad Gets Deep

My BFF's asked me to contribute to this blog, so here I am. I'll be updating occasionally with some music-related tidbits-- a mix here, an mp3 file there, etc. I don't know if you readers knew this, but the ladies of Listopad are music fiends. Fiona is a virtuoso musician. Cathy has an excellent record collection. Katerina is a former concert booker. Emily once got hit on by three men entranced by her sensual dancing at Rock n Roll Hotel. You heard it here first, people!

Also, Listopad has never done a vintage cocktail party without a Dj or some sort present. It's only natural to carry on the tradition via the blog.

So here it is, the first official Listopad Mix. [Download mp3]

Chaz Jankel ft. Laura Weymouth "Whisper"
Tom Ware "Simple Dreams"
Can "I Want More"
The Counts "Thinking Single"
Gloria Jones "Heartbeat"
Lou Ann Barton "Pink Bedroom"
Apollonia 6 "Blue Limousine"
Sparks "Stereo"
Lio "Suite Sixtine"
Hey Willpower "Hundredaire"



Kata said...

love it!!! rocking it at work as i type this

Mike said...

Fresh mix. It's like from the future, but also from the past