Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Next Week: Korean Film Festival DC at NMWA

Next Thursday at NWMA there is a film screening for "a.k.a. Nikki S. Lee." Phillips Collection screened this last year and I was bummed I missed it; the word from Kata was it was great. Lee will be there to discuss the film. Following this screening, there is another for "Before the Summer Passes Away" which interests me since it is by a female Korean director. Tickets are only $5 for each screening. Reservations are recommended. It's still a tough search to seek stories about Korean identity. Thank the gods for putting Jin and Sun on "Lost."


montmarte said...

ooh this looks good! will have to check it out.

those vintage shoes do look a lot like rachel comey, don't they! they're vintage salvatore ferragamo, they are still up for grabs on etsy (via ramona west).

see you,

oh! one more thing, there was a cotton red plaid shirt (size L i think) that i really liked at your cocktail party. is it still for sale?

Cath said...

Renee- hope to see you at the screenings! I have our clothing in storage so I will grab the shirt next time and email you. Send us your email

xo, Cathy

Cath said...

BTW, this screening was a one-two punch of total Korean female awesomeness. Nikki S. Lee is more amazing than I could have imagined and "Before the Summer..." showed a surprisingly real perspective on loves that should be lost.