Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have been trolling the web for weeks looking for a better picture of this outfit, but since it occurred pre-paparazzi-infested awards shows, I don't know if one is going to turn up. The best I could find was this YouTube video. So: here is Diane Keaton accepting an Oscar for Annie Hall in 1978. (Meryl Streep would win the following year for Kramer vs. Kramer. Why do I know this? I am currently writing a paper about Kramer and a post about Meryl-as-Joanna-Kramer's delightfully neutral, nerdy outfits has been brewing in my noggin for a while. Prepare yourself.) I am digressing -- dudes. Look at Diane's freaking outfit. Can you imagine the reactions if someone wore this to an awards show today?

(PS: Last-minute reminder! Ian Svenonius DJs at Bourbon tonight! The tunes will be bumptastic.)


J.J. said...

Diane's been flouting red carpet awards show fashion conventions for years. But yeah, E! would draw and quarter her for this getup today.

I want to read this paper on Kramer. (As I recall from the YouTubes, Meryl also had a bold fashion choice when she accepted for Kramer -- which was actually two years after Keaton.)

Emily said...

Indeed, Diane has been breaking sartorial conventions since her earliest days in the spotlight. Her Annie Hall outfits were mostly self-styled. This outfit is far and away my favorite, and despite the fact that her red-carpet looks are always unusual, I think this one stands in a category by itself.

I should have been clearer: Kramer came out in '79, but you're right -- the actual win occured in '80.

You can absolutely read the paper, although it's sure to be a mess. :)