Tuesday, May 6, 2008

D.C. Taxis

Rant 'o the day: yesterday I heard the running of my first D.C. cab meter and it was music to my ears. Very soon those of us who live and visit here can travel to other neighborhoods without having to haggle. Case in point, I went from Adams Morgan to the BYT/Artomatic party at 1st and M NE this past weekend and was quoted everything from $10.50-$14.50 for the exact same ride. Cabs were plenty empty but I spent a good 10 minutes rejecting un-metered cabbies pulling quotes out of their ears. Hey Cabbies, it's not an auction, and we are the enemy. We are just trying to live. Many cabs will not have meters until 6/1, click here for the Post's taxi fare estimator. Hopefully, I will never have to pay $8 to travel 5 blocks again.


Anonymous said...

yippee. but didn't another DC'blogger recently run the numbers and determine that the meter way was MORE expensive everytime. Also i went from national airport to upper NW for $19 the other day! hope that lasts!

Aw well should make the tourists happy anyway ;)

Cath said...

I'd be interested in seeing this study. Do you happen to remember the blogger or source? I cannot believe that it would be more in most cases. Perhaps if you are factoring in the previously zone-free Capitol Hill area. $19 from the airport is good , though, it should never be much more to Reagan. $25 to BWI:-)

Tim said...

i have yet to find a metered cab... one that would stop for me anyway. i guess most are waiting for june 1. typical! that tells me meters provide a more affordable cab, the fact that drivers all resist it. can't wait till june 1.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I DID find it. Looks like the difference are minimal but... So I'm introducing you two - she's


I don't know either of you, just another interested city dweller.
washwords aka troublemaker

Cath said...

Thanks, Washwords. I just checked out that blog and I decided that I am going to keep my excitement level down until I experience more metered cabs. I am still not sure about what surcharges will be imposed? Tim, I agree with you that cabbies are probably not enthused because they see less dollars, in part because they can no longer make up fares. Also, it sounds like getting a meter is a bit of a pain if you work for certain cab companies. Only in D.C.!