Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Mike Mulligan Lady"

is how I referred to Virginia Lee Burton earlier today after spotting my friend Jennifer's post on refineDesign, the Washington Spaces blog. Now, I am going to assume that we all remember Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne, his unstoppable steam shovel, from reading-before-bed circa 1988, right? Anyone?

Well, what I didn't know until reading Jennifer's post (inspired by a piece in the current issue of Vogue) was that Virginia Lee Burton was equally unstoppable, founding a printmaking collective called -- wait for it -- Folly Cove (so smitten with her word choice) and being ten times hotter than pretty much everyone ever!

The Folly Cove Designers site (run by the descendants of the original Folly Cove-ites) is chock full of images, old photos, and a 1958 Life article about the collective.

A Rose is a Rose

Zaidee and Her Kittens

Fish Story

Woman power! Vintage!! Printmaking!!! DIY!!!! Gah!!!!! Did I mention the documentary about her that just came out?!?!?

(Insane awesome MMAHSS .gif from All About Symbian. All other images from Folly Cove Designers.)

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