Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Japanese Snacks from Space

Another sign that DC is evolving for the better - we got ourselves a Japanese market! Prince of Petworth is on this so we aren't the only ones foaming at the mouth with excitement. Those who have traversed the U st corridor are familiar with the Japan Associates travel agency offering flights around the world, by plane or by rocket (dreams!). Now this uber Japanese space has mostly been taken over by "Hana Market," a Japanese alternative to all the good Latino/Korean-oriented bodegas. It's probably the only Japanese market DC has and the only other ones I know of on the east coast are the Sunrise Marts in NYC. Not only are goods wide-ranging for such a small space (there is even a small selection of produce and sushi-grade tuna!), the owner Yoshio Tanabe is very amiable and funny, and the prices are comparable to those at H Mart or Lotte in the 'burbs (I don't understand the economics of this but I want to find out). Let's have more like this!
We'll miss the signs. But this is a good trade.
Men's Pocky: " This combination of crispy pretzel and smooth dark chocolate brings a whole new flavor to fun." Why wouldn't you want to eat this? But does the bitter chocolate make it for men only?
$1.40/bag of frozen edamame blows Trader Joe's and Whole Foods out of the park!
Enough mochi offerings to fill a bathtub. Kewpie mayonnaise - essential for creamy+sweet Asian potato salads.
Furikake seasonings - it's the stuff that Teaism puts on their rice to make it xtra special (try the light green one in the middle).
Now I am going to start daydreaming about a noodle bar and Asian pastry shop...


Ally said...

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going here tomorrow.

Emily said...

cathy, will you help me pick out snacks for the party?

Kata said...

why does this move in when i move out? it's ok, i have the japanese bead store to comfort me.