Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wintage Vintour

After reading about the rumors of Carine Roitfeld taking over at American Vogue, I decide to do a little Google Image-searching for Anna Wintour, the pale, mute specterdonna of this frighteningly lavish magazine. Turns out I missed last month's Fashionologie post marking her 59th birthday.

My stars! I thought I'd seen it all until I saw these photos.

If you told me that you'd just seen a gorgeous sequined rainbow-ombre dress, I would have laughed, but not in a nice way. This dress should have been a train wreck, but it's somehow fucking amazing. It probably has something to do with the way she's looking at the camera, like, "So?" (December 1990)

This makes me think of the Rahzel song "All I Know." Look at that statement necklace! This woman is truly a bad motherfucker. (November 1991)

This is evocative of Susie's Tadashi bodysuit - which I love! Anna, why don't you dress like this anymore? And look at how successfully you are not wearing fur. (December 1991)

But are you ready for the piece de resistance? Close your eyes.

Gaaahhh!!! I found this pic on RDuJour (via Cat Party) but have no inkling of its origin. (Bonus: Cat Party has some vintage pics of Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt, too!)


Jennifer Sergent said...

Emily -- yikes! The gold and teal getup makes me gag -- especially the way the gold top highlights her small, saggy boobs (has she ever heard of a tee-shirt bra??)

Ally said...

dude aren't we friends with that chick (re: last picture)?

Tim said...

wow, what a progression. depending on which way in time you're travelling i guess.

no stops on this express elevator. all business.