Tuesday, August 7, 2007


(original bikini babe Bunny Yeager)

It's hot in DC, plus it's unbelievable humid--a gross combination. Magazines are bombarding us with fall previews and beautiful coats...but who knows when us District-ers will be able to partake in the cozy autumn fashions.

Still, we can enjoy the bikini top longer than most can. If you're lounging at home, running to the store, checking out the local pool or taking a trip to MD/DE for the sand, these cute projects will make the heat more bearable. Sit down in front of your air conditioning unit and get to DIY'ing:

- Knit a bikini or halter top, to show off at the beach or to wear the top with shorts during this 98 degree heat.

- Go all out with retro matching hot pants and tops

- Crochet some button-front shorts

- If knitting is not your thing, sew a '70s bikini for yourself


Anonymous said...

It is seriously nasty out there.

What are your honest thoughts on sweat stripes in the summer? They give my boring blue shirt that sort of energized, worn feel that is hard to purchase.

Kata said...

I'm more of a back sweat stain girl myself...nothing says summer in DC like a blotch of wetness on the back of my shirt.