Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Let's reminisce for a moment on the old school...I'm not one to live in the past, but it's hard out there for a female MC nowadays--not that it was easier in the 80s, but at least you didn't have to dress like a porn star to make it.

So stoked on the mustard bomber jacket.

She has a pastel track suit and is not afraid to use it.

Notice: of-the-moment acid wash denim

PVC and leather is all the rage now,
but check out those killer door knockers!

Love me a head piece.

She's got the military thing going on,
while still harking back to afro-centricity with the head wrap.

Two words: side ponytail.

Not that there aren't women kicking it now in the rap game...Missy Elliott is still rocking hard and I've always had a soft spot for Jean Grae. There are some indie female rappers out there (Kenika, Kid Sister, Yo Majesty, Amanda Blank), but it's hard to break through the bullshit. And there's nothing wrong with being sexy and owning it, it's just that when female artists are just the chorus singers on big hits or can't get a label deal without being affiliated with a male artist, it sux.

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Tim said...

bytches with problems! monie love!