Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's almost that time for people to put away the flip flops (at least I hope they will) and start wearing proper footwear. This morning I thought I smelled autumn in the air, but maybe I was lying to myself. Still, better get a head start on your sock game, as socks and tights with t-strap shoes, peep toes and heels are all perfectly acceptable ways to transition to the fall.

pics from Socks Populi

God, I love Eley Kishimoto. The sneaker socks are the best! Available here.

Pics from Creatures of Comfort
Hansel from Basel...whimsical and cute, available, on sale, here.


panda head said...

looooove hansel from basel; we have them at anthropologie too!

Anonymous said...

I could be boring and just tell you, "Cool blog," but instead, I'll give you cool links:

Sox I want!

CPH 4Evah