Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guiding Light

"You forgot Marvin."

Woo! The second edition of washington dc is here! I picked up a copy today, and I have to give props to author and researcher Anna H. Blessing for presenting a nicely varied assortment of good ones, from timeless standbys (Tabard Inn, Mixtec) to relative newbies (Hook, Casa Oaxaca) to certified Listopad obsessions (Dolcezza, Mandu). Shopping highlights include excellent spots like Hu's Shoes, the Brass Knob, and Tabletop. While we missed shout-outs to style pioneer Commonwealth, Silver Spring's transcendently delicious Lotus Cafe, and - hello! - Mercedes Bien, we'd definitely recommend it as a gift to DC newcomers (of which there are plenty!) - or even to jaded DC oldcomers like us.


Cath said...

At first, I thought this was a post on a soap opera. I loved the first! It has good recommendations and it makes a handy resource for menus too. Must try Lotus Cafe! DC!!

Emily said...

Must is an understatement. Should we go tomorrow night?