Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woolrich for Life

It's getting cold and we want to help you brace the elements full on. How about some American classics to keep your toes warm? If you can find vintage Woolrich items (which Listopad has been known to offer), they have been made in the USA since the 1800s. Even the hip kids are picking up on the influence and collaborating with the company. I'm not so sure about the current output's nation of origin, but here are some greatest hits from the web catalog:

The woman's berber robe with American Indian motifs is kickass and the sweater stone is a must, but the men really have it good at Woolrich. This shirt, in washable wool, is a winter staple-

Yes, this shirt has elbow pads and you need that--

And a top layer worthy of any army navy store--

Of course, these pieces would also be perfect for your very own androgynous lumberjack look if you are girl--but you knew I was going to say that.


Ally said...

it looks like these links are broken.

Kata said...

whoops i don't know to fix it right now...i will try to make it all better later