Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bagels for the soul

Oh, the places you’ll go this week! (With our guidance, that is.)

You’ll probably stumble into work hungover—or at least tired from staying up and watching Weeds--on Monday, June 16, so don’t worry about going all-out tonight. It’s totally understandable if all you can muster up the energy to do is e-mail Design Within Reach in Adams Morgan and RSVP for Eames movie night, because Monday is your last opportunity to do so.

Is this you?

Tuesday, June 17 is the first day of Silverdocs, and boy, are these folks not fucking around! We are the most stoked for Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell--“a visionary tone poem that’s as much a celebration as an elegy for avant-garde cellist and dance music producer Arthur Russell.” (When my boyfriend was like, “You’ll really like this guy Arthur Russell,” I was like, “He sounds like a math teacher. Next!” But don’t be fooled. His music is the gentlest of mindfucks. But perhaps you’re in the mood for something a little more … I don’t know … vintage?! You could go to the free screening of parts one through four of An American Family, a 1973 PBS verite-style miniseries about the Loud family. We get to witness the Louds divorcing and their son coming out—both of which were like a huge deal in the seventies. I’d like to tune in for the fashions! (Nb, this screening starts at 9 AM!)

Arthur Russell.

The Louds.

If none of this stuff has you sufficiently fucked up, the F Yeah Tour promises to do so. Baltimore bangerman Dan Deacon is headlining; a bunch of other crazies are playing. Art provided by the kick-ass Philly studio/gallery collective Space 1026. This will all go down at the Black Cat on Wednesday June 18th. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Dan Deacon.

On Thursday, June 19, all of your hard work from Monday will pay off—it’s Eames movie night! Show up at Design Within Reach at 7 PM for popcorn, beer, and “a screening of seven films, ranging from one to 30 minutes in length, [covering] topics from toy tops to the world of Franklin and Jefferson, from simple sea creatures to the explanation of advanced mathematical and scientific concepts.” Should we even try to fathom how stuff like this translates cinematically? Let’s just go and find out.

Ray and Charles Eames.

Friday, June 20th! Your hellish/joyful week has come to an end. Hit up the $8 Lunar Lotus yoga class at Studio Serenity before heading out to the Hirschhorn After Hours party—it’s the last one of 2008. Catch DJ People’s Champion before he bounces to Berlin and Maxi Geil! and Playcolt before they combust with cuteness.

The Hirshhorn is right here.

You might have to do some driving on Saturday, June 21st, because the second annual Pile of Craft show goes down in Baltimore! “Forty+ crafty vendors,” folks!

This little guy is by Imogene, a Pile of Craft vendor. Kawaiiiiiiiiii anyone?

Sunday Sunday Sunday, June 22nd is something that I am really looking forward to: the 2008 Northern Virginia Antiques and Modernism Show and Sale!!! “This year's show will feature at least 150 exhibitors from 15 states, with more vintage clothing dealers and a larger section of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern dealers.” UM!!! SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

One more little thingy: Chance Encounters: Photographs from the Collection of Norman Carr and Carolyn Kinder Carr ends today. The Carrs' "exceptional holdings provide a rich overview of the genre of street photography, from its origins in the early years of the 20th century to its apotheosis in the 1970s.” Street photography! A fashion blogger’s bread and butter. Pay homage to the legit heavy hitters on whose shoulders we stand, like Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, and Weegee. PS: The Carrs are local. Good looking out, guys!

New York City by Lee Friedlander.

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