Thursday, June 12, 2008

SILVERDOCS!!!!! June 16-23

(from SilverDocs.Com, from top "Mechanical Love," "My Winnipeg," and "The Betrayal")

D.C. has it's fair share of thought-provoking film festivals. And, as you may know, Listopad is a big fan (especially if they are free)! We are approaching the mother of all of them -- SilverDocs (OK, not FREE but totally worth the price), at AFI in Silver Spring, is like the Sundance of documentaries and reminds you how much there is to discover about other people and life. There are over a hundred films being shown and the hard part is deciding which to go to and also which to get into.
Perfect afternoon date: check out a doc and head over to Lebanese Taverna express or Negril for some savory Jamaican food. You can munch and discuss what you just watched- you will likely have a lot to talk about.

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