Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fro-yo yo

(photo courtesty of tangysweet via dcist)

For those who steer clear of news from our coastal friends in L.A. and NYC, here is a brief history of the frozen yogurt ("fro-yo") evolution. Frozen yogurt originated with the Red Mango chain in South Korea. This is frozen yogurt in the literal sense, yogurt that contains active cultures that is blended together and frozen into a tangy, healthy delicious treat. This is not the lame-o low-fat version of American soft-serve we were accustomed to growing up. In Korea, it is popular to put the fruit and little bits of rice cakes on top to obtain a creamy, tangy, fruity, and chewy mixture, without too much sweet. So, I started salivating when I heard that a fro-yo place was opening up within walking distance. Thankfully, the new TangySweet in Dupont did not dissapoint. Their recipe has a great balance of natural tanginess and subtle sweetness and the berries (which are supposed to be sourced as local as possible) tasted fresh and ripe. You can also choose various cereals and other fruit toppings or get it in smoothie form. I deem this stuff is better than Pinkberry (the rumor is that their stuff is made out of powder while TangySweet does taste like the yogurt I make at home). Now my life is complete.

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Kata said...

why are koreans so cool?