Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bagels for the soul

(Godard's "Weekend" pic via AFI.Com)

So much culture! So little time!

Silverdocs may be wrapping up but you can still catch AFI's "Jean-Luc Godard in the 1960's" filfest. This week: "La Chinoise," "My Life to Live," and "Weekend."

Wednesday, Smithsonian Folklife Festival starts up on the Mall. To avoid the crowds, go this week, before the Fourth of July onslaught. This year's places and thing: Bhutan, NASA, Texas. Glancing at le weather this week, looks like Wednesday might be the best time to go. Go ahead! Take an extended lunch break! You deserve it!

From Emily: Also, Wedbesday at ICED: Art Deco Diamonds and Design, “fifth-generation jeweler Dino Pampillonia … presents an informative look at distinctive elements of jewelry design from the Roaring Twenties and early 1930s.” Cool! Richard and Alan Bishop pay tribute to their fallen Sun City Girls comrade Charles Gocher at the Black Cat—an event which includes a screening of Goucher’s experimental films. Cooler! Colorado Kitchen hosts a benefit dinner for veterans. Coolest! (Friend them on MySpace or call (202) 234 - 2000 for more information.)

Saturday, Mission of Burma rocks the Black Cat.

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