Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music for Lovers

We're going all out, introducing new "features" and "columns" left and right, because summertime brings out the best in us. We'll be trying to cover music more regularly under the "Music for Lovers" heading, let us know what you think! I'll try not to gush about Mariah Carey every time ;)

I'm going to use this space to espouse on my favorite sub-genre of music of all time: Freestyle, also known as Latin Freestyle. Freestyle songs are perfect beach songs; super danceable yet catchy, and of course, the fashion is totally awesome. Observe:

SA-FIRE - Let Me Be the One

One word: eyebrows.


This girl is for real. She's responsible for my favorite freestyle jam of all time: "Summertime Summertime." Also, the rosette bra--you know that Marc Jacobs is mining this vintage look as I type.


Umm, men's oversized shirts + leggings? They could be walking in Soho circa 2008. Don't get me started on the hair!

PS the dance moves in all these videos deserve a post all their own...

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