Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresh Finds

This week finds me travelin' so I am neglecting the Mercedes Bien portion of "Fresh Finds."
In the vintage queen's store this week, though, you can find these Listopad Fresh Finds and many more:
Red satin-bowed wool overcoat, Women's, M/L, Listopad
(This one reminds me of Michelle O and her cute daughters - yup they are already way up high in our style stratosphere).
Fitted Striped Handknit Dress, Women's, XS, Listopad
"Osbourne" modern Neige Warrior Hat, Unisex, Medium, Listopad
Sleek Tan "Cobbies", Women's, 7.5, Listopad


Ally said...

that hat! aaahh! i'm comin 2 get u.

have fun in mexico cathy! remember: they rarely do cavity searches on women at the border.

Emily said...

ooo gurl that knit dress. we have a very patriotic assortment this week!