Monday, November 17, 2008

Get To It

We all know this feeling. (Photo by Wolfram Hahn, via yasnababa.)

Tomorrow, check out the "Free-form Cooking" class (best name) at Sixth and I - this week they're focusing on Chinese techniques. (Szechuan and Cantonese styles included!)

Wednesday, A Disenchanted Playroom opens at the Goethe-Institut. Artist Wolfram Hahn photographed little kids watching TV. I'm already crying.

Thursday is the final day of The World of Art Bead, a exhibit of beadwork by Miho Kanaya at the Japanese Embassy.

Friday is the opening night of Photos to Develop at the Jerusalem Fund. Fulbright scholar Natasha Hall organized the exhibit, which features photography by Bedouin children living in Jordan.

You guys know about our fervent obsession with photographer Zoe Strauss, right? If you're in NYC for any reason on Saturday, please go to Silverstein Photography to check out AMERICA: We Love Having You Here, an collection of her work from the last eight years. (Note: her book just came out, too. Read! Cry! Love!)

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