Friday, November 21, 2008

Fresh Finds

Freshen up your cold days with flashes of bold color and patterns! Here are our newest in-store offerings from Mercedes Bien Vintage and Listopad's pop-up shop!

Cozy Native Print Union-made 3/4 length Skirt (great for layering!), Women's, M/L, Listopad Petite + Pretty Red Silk Dress, Women's, XS, Listopad Mod Patchwork Leather Pumps, Women's, 6/7, Listopad Double-knit Marimekko-styled Mod Dress, Women's, S/M, Mercedes Bien
Soft and Sophisticated "Lucchese" Cowboy Boots (dark brown goes with everything), Women's, 7.5, Mercedes Bien
March in Style with a Vintage German Soldier Hat , Medium, Listopad
Well-Crafted Lumberjack, Men's, M/L, Mercedes Bien


Ally said...

that skirt: yes. made for emily.

pigeon.toed said...

i totally wish i lived in dc!