Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What More Can I Say?

It's Narciso Rodriguez.

Well played!

I'd just like to take a moment to congratulate Michelle on her consistently dope familial ensembles.

I know our city gets a bad fashion rap, but that's only because it's much more challenging to dress well in DC than in "anything goes" cities like New York or L. A. (Don't even get me started on Baltimore. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!) With such a stringent and relatively conservative template for dressing, we gypsies have to be much more innovative and even subversive with our little sartorial weirdnesses - a feat which Michelle consistently accomplishes. She favors clean, simple silhouettes but really goes for the gold when it comes to pattern and color, never shying away from bold hues or kooky prints.

The way she dresses is really similar to the way her husband has campaigned for (and won!) the presidency. His promises of overhaul and change are always posed against the backdrop of our country's time-tested founding principles. There's even a parallel in the way Michelle dresses her daughters: their outfits are never matchy-matchy, simply coordinated - in agreement, even. Kind of the like the way her husband professes to foster individuality united by a sense of American identity.


Ally said...

well done! i believe robin will be michellin' it up in this sunday's paper... robin givhan and michelle obama-- srsly, a team made in my mind's heaven.

as i said earlier, if i see those obama girls being cute ANYWHERE in dc in the coming months, i am going to lose my shit. they are so kawaii. i love their lil flats.

Fiona said...

I wonder if Michelle Obama's look--lack of boucle skirt suits and demure pearls, for instance--will have any broad effect on the general style of Washington. If the first lady sets the tone, this lady might loosen things up a bit!