Thursday, March 5, 2009

Before Lucy Liu...

...there was Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American actress ,who began her career in the roaring 20s. While (unsurprisingly) stereotyped as a "Dragon Lady" and temptress from "the Orient," she kept it very cool with unconventional choices; she took her talents to Europe when she felt too typecast in the States. Anna cavorted with the likes of co-star Marlene Dietrich, which fueled rumors of lesbianism (something I am pretty sure is still unheard of in the Asian community, even with the well-publicized antics of one Jenny Shimizu).

I would kill to sport this hairstyle.what a dress!

Very French meets East- always a good thing.
Best poolside outfit ever, but it would be a shame not to wear this everywhere.
In my imagination, Anna and Marlene were together. And what a stylish pair they be.
I wish illustrated movie posters would make a comeback.

(photos via "Gatochy" and artdecoblog)


Ylla said...

haha-- that poolside outfit is very cathy.

Kata said...

too classy to handle