Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just an Original Prototype

It all started when I found out that No Doubt would be making an appearance on the pilot episode of Lily, the Gossip Girl spinoff featuring Lily Van Der Woodson as a SoCal wild child circa 1980-whatever. Immediately, visions of sugarplums and bindi-bedecked, midriff-baring Gwen began to dance in my head, and I got a serious hankering to take a walk down memory lane, Tragic Kingdom style. It's now 2 AM and I am combing YouTube for the choicest cuts of decades-old No Doubt footage for your viewing pleasure.

Exhibit A: No Doubt's first-ever television appearance.

This is an awesome video because the band does this little intro-ditty and you start to wonder if the footage is so old that's it's pre-Gwen. But no - wait - here she comes, slinking onstage in what appears to be - oh my God, this is too amazing, I'm going to cry - pleated, wide-leg, mustard-yellow (slightly inverted?) overalls. You really should have seen my face at this moment - I am pretty sure that I did a Home-Alone-esque face-clap. RESIST THE TEMPTATION to not watch there entire video, because there's a little Q-and-A session at the very end that showcases Gwen's impossibly tiny and adorable speaking voice - plus you get a really good look at Tony's long, flowing hair.

Natch, our next selection is the 1992 video for "Trapped in a Box."

Here we see Gwen's affinity for all things plaid in its early stages.

OMG - upcoming is a true gem.

Gwen performing "Saw Red" with SUBLIME! My 12-year-old self is totally jizzing right now! This song appeared on an old Sublime album whose name I do not recall - which sucks, because I owned it. Nice center part and blunt cut, Gwen ... I think I might have to go back to that hairstyle.

This 1996 Access Hollywood interview confirms several things I have long suspected: Gwen has always been into fashion, she has always made her own clothes, and she has always been obsessed with Japan! Seriously - the best song on Love.Angel.Music.Baby is "Harajuku Girls," in which she (literally) sings the praises of Japanese style. (An excerpt: "Harajuku girls you got the wicked style/I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan." The defense rests!)


Summer Bleeding said...

Respect for getting behind No Doubt but I must contest your selection for "best song on Love.Angel.Music.Baby." That would most definitely be "What You Waiting For."

Also: Please post the Youtube of the dogs howling along with "Sweet Escape"

Ylla said...

i second that "what you waiting for" is the shit.