Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Music for Lovers: "The Show Must Go On"

Ooo my lovely ladies and gentlemen. Do I have something good for you.

The Four Tops, like pretty much any band that was active in the late seventies, dabbled in disco. Some disco efforts were questionably successful; others, like the Four Tops, rode the disco pony like God invented it special just for them. (Which, let's be honest, he probably did.)

There's not much else I can say about this video other than to state the obvious, which is that it's fucking amazing. I was in a rather sleepy mood when I pulled this up, and the song's infectious, booty-swiveling beats literally injected funk into my veins. Need I point out the band's stellar, bedazzled suits?

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Mike said...

This song is perfection. The vocals kill it so hard (I mean, its the Four Tops); their presence is so strong and commanding. One of the grooviest tunes. Wish the video was the extended mix, though. There are 4 more minutes of this jam!!!