Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dude. Bored of Trade was so. FUN!!!

There were snacks and hats (see above), pretty mens and ladies, sweet hostesses, and piles upon piles of vintage and handmade goods for our shopping pleasure.

There were even shoes in a refrigerator. How fucking Punk House is that?! I have to admit, I shed a little bit of a tear when I laid eyes on this display. (Lindsay Hart of Flowerhead Vintage - whose beautifully lit and lovingly cleaned-out basement provided a venue for the day's festivities - told me that she actually kicked the refrigerator door off. You cannot get much more badass than ambushing the door off of your busted appliance to display the most delicate of feminine finery - am I right?)

Jules and Juniper took it upon themselves to display their wares in a card catalog, and Manatea Party comandeered buttons to make the cutest of baubles.

Opening to drawers to find out what was inside upped the fun ante considerably. It was like an Advent calendar for jewelry.

Cuteness from Jules and Juniper.

Minimalism, a rich color palette and the subversion of functionality reigned at Manatea Party.

The Listopad ladies made out like bandits, natch.

Our haul - a little color wheel of our respective tastes. Can you guess who bought what?

Our hostess' signage. Thanks Lindsay!


Don't Say I Didn't said...

yay! thanks ladies! it was so much fun! i will keep you updated on any new Bored of Trades.


raquel raney said...

the shoes in the fridge - terribly wonderful.