Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, I know we are all Grey Gardens fans, eagerly anticipating Grey Gardens, and always looking to dress more Grey Garden-ish. Can one be blamed for being enthralled with the stylish notes of older recluses? It's a oft-visited motif for many designers and has only been gaining momentum as more and more hip young things revisit Grey Gardens again and again.

Listopad appreciates Drew Barrymore going all out for the premiere, consciously channeling vintage fashion as one can only do on the red carpet. But we'd like to see more people incorporating elements from her look into every day life.

For the summer, we'll have delicate fabrics with bead and pearl detailing, floral elements in just about everything (including killer pleated skirts) and beautiful metal elements, such as jewelry and head pieces. We can't wait to show you!!!

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