Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Vault: Winter Storage

What does one do with all their gorgeous vintage cashmere v-neck sweaters, Irish fisherman knits and rainbow Japanese acrylic scarves in the hot and humid months? Living the apartment life in DC usually doesn't afford endless closet space, so keeping them out and about isn't the most practical option. If you have a storage space or room under your bed, folding the winter gear and putting them away for the season is a great way to go but don't fall into the old cat lady trap of mothballs. These toxic moth killers off-gas in the worst way, and moreover, trap your clothes in plastic.

Storing vintage clothes in plastic is bad for the fibers of the clothes, and the smell is even worse. Cedar naturally repels moths, and eventually biodegrades, so it's the best option for keeping insects out of your vintage goods in the summer. If you have an extra closet where you are hanging dresses (never sweaters), cedar rings are a great and cheap investment. They can be replenished by adding drops of cedar oil onto the wood ever so often or by sanding down the wood. Since knits should be folded and not hung up, Cedar wood balls can be added into the suitcases and shelves your are storing the clothes in.

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Some Like it Vintage said...

Great tips...the smell of cedar is sooo much nicer than moth balls!