Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work in Progress: Green Things

We're self-proclaimed environmentalists. So how do we incorporate these beliefs into our new project beyond encouraging concious consumerism (buying second-hand)? We don't have the budget to build an LEED certified site like Bird in Brooklyn (a much admired boutique of ours) did, but we strive to one day be able to create a space as ecologically safe as possible (i.e. treehouse in the wilderness!).

The small things we can do are small, but still important to us. We're incorporating vintage hangers, mannequins and store fixtures (like the furniture we posted about last week). We're installing flooring made from sustainable materials that does not require toxic glue, and using an underlayment for it made of recycled materials. Our paint is low VOC, we're installing ceiling fans to ease the strain on the AC, and the CFL lightbulbs are a no-brainer. We wish we had the funds to be more serious about greening the space, but we as a tiny independent business start-up, it's far from feasible. Still, we'll be visiting Greater Goods to see what other elements we can try out.

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