Monday, April 20, 2009

Inspiration from Moomin Valley in Midsummer

I kind of feel like spring doesn't really exist anymore. I've been habitually putting away my winter wool coats and sweaters every two weeks since March 1st, convinced that if I pack them away, the warm sun will emerge. Then Monday rolls around, the paper appears outside my apartment door and the forecast makes me fish out the warm coat again and wrap myself up. NOT COOL.

Who do I look to for inspiration in times like this but the Finn Family Moomintroll, who will always make the best of any situation no matter how disheartening. Sure, they basically spend their whole lives not wearing pants, but it's the details that matter! Come blazing summer, I will be keeping them in mind while organizing my wardrobe.

Moomin Papa is the definition of class, wearing a top hat year-round, for all occasions, unless he is sailing the high seas (he switches it out for a captain's hat).

Mymble and Little My have been rocking the Lykke Li top bun and tent dresses for decades. As any girl can attest, the best way to deal with DC summers is hair pulled up high and clothing that flows and doesn't stick to your body. Pioneers, these comic strip characters were!

Moomin Mama represents the best style rules to me, though. She picks two accesories (for life) that are both classic and useful and sticks with them, making them her signature. A striped apron and a black purse is really all you need to get by in life.


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lol great post~

can't forget Snufkin! he's ready for dancing or adventure in his classic brown boots and snazzy hat -- the well-worn backpack just pulls it all together

for sexytime, who is topping the Snork Maiden? One statement-making piece of jewelery and a cute coif and she's good to go!