Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work in Progress: If These Walls Could Talk

Our contractor is a superhero. As soon as we gave him the OK for our structural changes, he began transforming our unglam space into the dream boutique we had been imagining.

First, he wrecked a wall in an effort to make the space more integrated and give it a better sense of "flow." The mini room that used to be separated from the main boutique floor will now be a recessed changing room.

It's also where we are storing our unfinished furniture. We shopped high and low for some pieces we felt would not only fit our aesthetic, but also our budget (small!!) and be utilitarian. We decided on some choice pieces from Ruff n Ready across the street (14th st represent) straight out of their discount basement. Unfortunately they are truly rough and ready for a paint job.

The second wall we took the wrecking ball to was in the bathroom. We opted to get rid of the shower stall and turn it into storage space -- crucial for a vintage boutique. We have sooooooo many items just waiting to be put out on the floor, and want to keep a revolving inventory of new, fresh items, so having space to hang and store the incoming merchandise is very important to us.

Next up: floors, moulding, paint!

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