Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Women in Chains

film still from film

I just watched Black Mama, White Mama this weekend (Pam Grier being one of my fave people of all time) and for a B-(maybe C-?) rate film, the costumes were so on-point! Sure, the women in chains spent 98% of the movie in a v-neck yellow t-shirt dress, sometimes with an orange sherbert robe-esque t-shirt on top that simpley stated "PRISON" but boy was it effective! It's sexy, playful and allows many a bum shot. Grier of course wears black panties and Margaret Markov wears white ones. Also, they had the best prison-issue grecian thong sandals in the world. But maybe the best part was their hair...Grier rocked her signature blacksploitation 'fro and Markov's blond, pin-straight hair went down past her butt!

If you love blacksploitation or T&A, I highly recommend this movie.

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