Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He got a seat on the bus...

But can he get D.C. a seat in the House of Representatives?

This morning a funny thing happened. I got on an S bus on 16th Street as I usually do, but noticed that there was an unusual amount of traffic and that more people were getting off the bus than were getting on. After a few minutes it became clear that there had been an accident and that 16th Street was shut down from Park Road to Irving Street. There were also cameras flashing on my bus and I heard someone make a joke about "car free day." That's when I realized that our dashing young mayor was on my bus! True to his word, he rode the bus to work today, accompanied by his posse and a cameraman. However, after one slow-moving block, the crew demanded "BACK DOOR!" of the patient driver. Passengers yelled back "Wait 'till he turns the corner!", which made me smile because I like that D.C. citizens are willing to put the mayor in his place in defense of the bus driver. Another block later, I decided to get off and walk. I got past Columbia Road, where there was a lone S bus loading passengers. To my surprise, fleet-footed Fenty was also on this bus! Good for him for not resorting to a taxi, even on this important day for the District. Word on the street is that even if the bill to secure a seat for the District of Columbia in the House of Representatives passes, it will be vetoed by you-know-who, for reasons that are disgustingly obvious. However Fenty will appear on the Senate floor this morning to make a personal appeal for the bill. I am keeping my fingers crossed that some magic will happen and that U.S. citizens, such as myself, that reside in the District will soon have the same voting rights as everybody else.


Bennett said...

I think I was on the second Fenty bus as well. Graham was also there, looking awkward. I think he had a posse of one.

By the time we got down near the White House, the entourage was beginning to panic, since they had no clue where to get off. But I'll give them props for effort, overheard they were taking the Metro somewhere next.

Fiona said...

Yes, Graham was there with his kooky orange glasses!

It's unfortunate that the bill failed, and so narrowly to boot. I hope D.C. doesn't give up this fight.