Monday, September 10, 2007

Apocalyptic Hair

film stills from the internet

I watched Apocalypto this weekend and yes, it was everything it was said to be. Ultra-violent, brutal, gorey, all of it. But god damn the costumes! They were breathtaking! The details in the jewelry, tattoos, hair and make-up of the film are amazing, and worth sitting through the violence for. They had up to 250 make-up artists each day of shooting, creating unique scarification, hair styles and facial piercings for each main character and extra.

I guess Mayan people were not much different from us...they used clothing, jewelry and hair styles to convey class status and material wealth...jade being the main color that denoted aristocracy. Gold, and other precious metals, was not in the picture yet, but don't worry...the colonialists would teach that soon enough.


Susan said...

mel gibson is an anti-simite. that's all.

Kata said...

Yet, you still have posters of him all over your office!