Friday, September 14, 2007

Listopad/Red Onion Party Pics

Last night, Red Onion Records and Books opened its doors after-hours for a special cocktail party with Listopad! The food catered by Adam's Morgan eatery Yazuzu was a scrumptious compliment to the fantastic music, books, and vintage clothing offerings. And, oh yes, the wine. Not only was this a huge success for Red Onion and Listopad but we had an opportunity to meet many lovely new folks and see old friends as well.

Browsing through Josh Harkavy's carefully-selected music selection. He recently replenished his stock with so many great things that people were leaving with stacks of new records and books!

Indeed, even with wine involved you can learn something from the Red Onion book selection.

Our racks of vintage clothing, including many fall items. Thanks to our lovely friends Joshua, Kathleen, Drew and Logan Hardware for building such stylishly industrial yet sturdy racks.

The mens loved the vintage Wrangler selection. Don't they just make you want to drink a beer and chop some wood?
We met Noelle last night and quickly found she has amazing taste. Also she glowed in everything she picked up, including this vintage navy blue wrap dress.

Great vinyl = amazing mask.

Delightful Andy O. and the Lovely Miss Ashby.

Ian Svenonius ("DJ Name Names") : famed musician, writer, tastemaker, neighbor.

Joshua and Adam enjoying the lovely evening on the stoop outside. We were not joking when we told our friends to take it outside if it got too crowded! Luckily, they are all mensches.

Katerina and Cathy thank you for a special evening. Huge thanks to Red Onion's Josh H. and Alyssa, Yazuzu's Najwa and Nasser, and the multi-talented Ally Schweiter (also our event photographer). And thanks to everyone who continue to love us and support us. We hope we can do this again real soon!
In the meantime, keep frequenting Red Onion, Yazuzu, and all other D.C. businesses to keep you informed, well-fed, and looking good!

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