Friday, September 19, 2008

Inspiration: L'Amant

"L'Amant" is a highly stylized film, though the visuals are very simple. Colonialism seeps through the picture, and class and race relations are sweated out in the heat of Vietnam in the '20s. But seriously, only watch this film if you are comfortable with older man + teenager sex (full frontal) and prostitution.

Anyway, on to the clothes. The unnamed protagonist (Jane March) can't really afford clothes, so she marches around the entire film (a span of maybe a year) in two outfits. One pair of shoes! It's gorgeous, though, and totally works. First off, the shoes are a beautiful high heeled concoction of jewels and velvet (she refers to them as cabaret shoes):

The dress worn throughout is a stark '20s affair: neutral silk sheath, loose as it's too big--yet still managing to emphasize the girl's developing body. It's held together by a loose striped belt that always seems like it's about to slip off:

But the crowning achievement is the men's fedora, obviously too big for her head, with a silk ribbon wrapped around. Paired with her pigtails (held together by more ribbon), this look blows my mind!

indebted to this site for the pics!

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