Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What has Music for Lovers done for you lately?

This week's Lover is Janet Jackson, whose baby-faced mid-eighties period is my absolute fave. "What Have You Done for Me Lately" appeared on Control, her third album. Note the appearance of the equally baby-faced Paula Abdul, whose real talk seems to be the catalyst for Janet dancing out her feelings - an appropriate bit of casting since she choreographed this video. Put that in your pipe and smoke it the next time you catch her nutty rhapsodizing on American Idol. Paula know how to move.

There are some no-foolin' late-eighties looks in here: roomy blazers, long, belted oxfords - the slightly-oversized menswear vibe that always works when paired with feminine accents. Janet and co. rocked the spilly, sky-high ponytails, but I might update the look with teased, Brigitte Bardot tresses and scaled-down door knockers.

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