Friday, September 5, 2008

LL Cool D

Listopad loves cool Diane (Kruger).

(Yahoo! Movies.)

I love how Fashion has been riffing on this jacket for the last five years. It should never go away because it is very cute and flatters many a body. DK is working gray-on-gray so gloriously here, and she gets, like, 100 bonus points for her fishtail braid - one of our current obsessions.


D (or D's stylist - the identity of whom the Internet has yet to reveal) has discovered what the middle-aged, fun-pursuing women of America have known for a minute now: the combination of red and purple is fucking John Blaze. Seriously: is world domination far behind?


Cute. Just plain cute. Notice the dainty little bow at the collar! But f. you for those legs, woman.


I like that she likes gray, stripes, dresses, and being ever-so-slightly tousled. These are all things we like.

(Marie Claire.)

Ok, this outfit is kind of whatevs but she has accessorized it quite nicely. Could just be plain old black dress (for which there is a time and a place, I know), but then you look closer and it's like, bam! Cutest little straw hat. Bam! Small-but-sculptural bracelet. Bam! Karl Lagerfeld. Well played.

(Go Fug Yourself.)

Um. Where can I get literally everything that she is wearing?? Go Fug Yourself needs to cool their jets because this outfit is off. the. chain.


woodley park-zoo said...

I LOVE the tuftiness coming off the herringbone in the first jacket, and my fav is the stripey drapey dress.

The last outfit, I'm not quite on board, it's just a bit 'odd' and to me, not in the good way. Sometimes when I hear people saying 'I wore that the first time around, don't need to be doing it again' I think ah, but that's no fun! Who cares, if it's still hot? But crop top tanks are something I hope not to revisit in my lifetime. I used to bare my midriff any chance possible. And then the waistline looks a bit too tight, dipping into her sides.

Kata said...

best post ever