Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Music for Lovers: Norman Greenbaum/Spirit In The Sky

A guy at my job asked me a couple weeks ago, "Hey, you know that song 'Spirit In The Sky,' right?" I stared at him blankly. Three YouTube seconds later, I realized that yeah, duh, of course I know "Spirit In The Sky." It's right up there with the birthday song and the Tomahawk chop. Who the hell hasn't heard "Spirit In The Sky"? I felt dumb for a minute, but it passed.

Then I did some research on Norman Greenbaum, the song's writer and performer. I chatted with him on the phone-- for work, not for fun-- and he was friendly and eccentric. I asked him to send me some photos of himself c. 1969, the year his song reached #1. And guess what, y'all, Greenbaum was a hottie.

His look was as iconic as the song, and it persists to this day-- from Portland, OR, to Brattleboro, VT, to Richmond, VA. Where Katerina and I went to school in Western Mass (c 2002-2007), this was The Look for men. Women have their own version, too, but there's something so effortlessly sexy about men who pull this off.

I became a little obsessed with Norman Greenbaum, c. 1969. Can you blame me?


Kata said...

um hello every freak folk revivalist. love a mustache though.

Ally said...

Kata, that's exactly what I'm talking about-- Northampton, baby. The Look of the whole damn town.

Cath said...

He totally looks like every guy i dated and had a crush on in high school, aka the "glory days."

Ally said...

He looks like every guy I WISH I had dated in high school. If you two know any dudes that look exactly like this please just give them my home address and tell them the key is under the mat.