Monday, January 19, 2009

Get To It

Happy Inauguration Week.

Many things are happening on Monday! Stussy is throwing a party for those of you have decided to forgo the ball option.

Tuesday, BYT has amassed a maniacal lineup of DC musical acts for their all-day Inauguration getbombedfest. Art of Junk, guys. ART OF JUNK. Randomly, Nappy Roots play DC9.

Wednesday! You will be so hungover at work. Drink as much water as you can, eat a lot of fruit, and take comfort in the fact that Lost premieres tonight! It will be you + jammies + Sawyer.

Thursday, the American Art Museum hosts a screening of short films from their collection. Beach Boys/Geto Boys looks really cool. Or: learn to fix a flat at City Bikes.

Jonathan Adler is having a sale! Anything you serve at your next dinner party (perhaps on Friday?) will look adorable on his peacock platter.

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